The tried-and-true platform.

Safety & Technology

New LED headlights banish the darkness

Fully illuminated road and jobsite for better object detection and reduced eye fatigue.

LED headlights increase forward visibility by up to 29% and side visibility by up to 50%

Heated LEDs prevent ice and snow buildup for visibility in all conditions.

Smooth homogenous light pattern delivers uniform coverage of road or work zone


All-New Mack Command Steer

Discover how our latest breakthrough in steering-assist technology delivers less strain on your driver and more productivity for your business.

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Mack® Command Steer

Discover how this breakthrough in driver-assist technology delivers less strain on your driver and more productivity for your business.

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Eases Driver Effort

By reducing driver effort by up to 85% and reducing driver strain by up to 30%, Command Steer helps reduce the risk of long-term injury.

Stays the Course

Command Steer holds the lane during unexpected course changes to help drivers stay on track and on time.

Improved Maneuverability

With feather-light steering at low speeds, getting in and out of loading zones is quick and easy.

Safety & Technology

Bendix® Wingman® Fusion 2.0

The upgraded Bendix Wingman Fusion 2.0 integrates radar, camera and brake system data to help drivers detect and avoid any potential hazards on the road ahead.

Stationary and Moving Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB)

Increased AEB Speed Reduction

Multi-Lane AEB

Lane Departure Warning

Right Hand Blind Spot Detection

Alert Prioritization

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The hero on every job.

Powerful, durable and versatile, Granite is the right truck for the job at hand.

Tighter Turns

Axle forward and axle back configurations and a tight turning radius improve maneuverability.

Superior Visibility

Granite’s sloped hood, large windows and passenger door peep window provide maximum visibility.

Rail Options

A choice of rail thicknesses lets you spec Granite for the rigors of the job.


The gold standard of tough.

The unyielding foundation of any jobsite, Granite has the brawn to get the job done right.

Heavy-duty crossmembers provide the strength to tackle any job.

A rugged galvanized steel cab and easy maneuverability keep drivers safe.

Top-mounted rear axle carriers minimize driveline angle and improve fuel efficiency and ground clearance.


All-day comfort behind the wheel.

Redesigned and purpose-built, Granite’s interiors minimize driver wear and tear and maximize comfort.

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Flat-Bottom Steering Wheel

An industry first, the flat-bottom steering wheel allows more clearance for entry or exit.

Premium Seating

Mack-exclusive seats provide unmatched comfort.

Instrument Panel

Easy-to-reach controls reduce driver fatigue and increase productivity.

Build Your Granite

Build your truck to fit the needs of your business. With Truck Builder, you can customize your dream truck from the frame up.



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